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  1. Roadside Memorials

    11 Apr 2020

    Portrait of Imam Hussain, an important figure in Shia Islam Street signs, billboards, litters people discarded on the roadside are a common sight everywhere. My country, Thailand, is pretty notorious for hoards of street signs and advertisement boards. So when I first saw them on the way to the camp…

  2. Arba’een Pilgrimage

    03 Apr 2020

    Basra’s Display of Faith and Festivity For most of us who are not muslims, we usually associate Hajj pilgrimage to the city of Mecca as the highlight of Islamic Faith. While that is true, not many would be aware that there is actually the world’s largest annual public gathering held…

  3. End of the Journey?

    18 Mar 2020

    It looks as if I might not be seeing you for a while. The coronavirus pandemic has really turned our world upside down. I was glad and relieved to get out of Iraq before they closed down the airport. Given everything that is happening with the global economy, I’m not…

  4. Double Eclipses

    12 Jan 2020

    Witnessing both solar and lunar eclipses in the same shift in Basra During the December-January shift, I was lucky enough to witness two natural phenomena of the Solar System - Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. Although they were not full eclipses, the fact that they both happened in a short…

  5. When your life revolves around two dates

    15 Dec 2019

    My life currently revolves around two dates. The date I have to leave for Iraq, and the date I gain my freedom after the shift. The vicious circle repeats itself every 28 days. The best moment happens when I land in Dubai (or Doha) and check myself into the transit…

  6. Basra Marshland

    19 Nov 2019

    Surprise Journey through Basra Marshland While most people talk about the protest in Hong Kong, which is horrible in its own right no matter which side you’re on, there is a forgotten protest that is still continuing all over Iraq. The violence and casualties of the protest are on a…

  7. Venice of The Middle East

    29 Jul 2019

    April 2018 July 2019 What a difference a year makes. I took these two pictures from roughly the same location, but about a year apart. 2018 was completely dry, 2019 is completely flooded. Although where I took the pictures is quite far away from the city of Basra, it does…

  8. Stuck in Between

    10 Sep 2018

    It was my second shift in Basra, right in the middle of a sweltering summer. I used to live in Dubai, therefore I have quite a good idea of what the heat is like in this part of the world. But, oh boy, the summer here is on another level.…

  9. First Visit to Basra

    31 May 2018

    New Adventure, or Just Detour from Figuring Out Life? Last several months have been a tough time for me. I had been out of job for a while. The plan I had - or lack thereof - when I left Dubai in early 2016 did not go as I imagined.…

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